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Zion, Bryce and Grand Canyon

In the summer of 2009, I went with my family to Zion Canyon National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah, and to the North Rim of Grand Canyon in Arizona. This page has some photos from the three hugely famous national parks.

When we entered Zion, giant rocks loomed above our heads. We were lucky because we were able to stay in the Zion Lodge which was inside Zion Canyon. As soon as I opened the car's door, hot air blasted into our face. We quickly scurried into the bilding. There we rested after the long journey. Over the next few days, we hiked and explored the beautiful park. My favorite time was to look at the rocks at sunset. At other times, my brother and I would play in the river.

When we got to Bryce, huge columns of rock poked their heads out of a vast canyon. The tall rock structures are called hoodoos. From the bottom of the canyon, the hoodoos looked like they were each about 100 feet tall! We hiked around for the next three days, edging around steep cliffs at the sides of narrow trails. It was much cooler there unlike Zion Canyon, so we were able to stay outdoors for longer periods of time. Sometimes from far away, Bryce Canyon looked like a large swimming pool with people's heads poking out of it. At sunset, the silhoutette of the hoodoos would seem to stretch for miles. This was the best National park I visited in Utah.

From the highway, the massive Grand Canyon looked like a couple of high mountains. When we got there, we were able to see the deep canyon with a black bottom made of the billion year old rock called the Vishnu Schist. My dad has hike to he Colorado river several times and once showed me such a rock. It is very dense and heavy. The Grand Canyon looks like a canyon within a canyon. Wasps filled the air. It was boiling hot there, sweat was pouring out of me. The layers of rock stunned me. They almost made a sideways rainbow. The canyon was vast, but I still was able to see the south rim at a distance. We hiked down till Bright Angel Point. It was a beatiful view from there. My mom was too scared to go there so I went with my dad and my brother. From another place, we were able to see a curve of the Colorado River. I was surprised by the power of the rapids. When we got back to the visitor center, I learned many interesting facts about the Grand Canyon. One explained the canyon's complicated history, and another explained how lava helped the formation of the Grand Canyon. The trip amzed me and I finally understood why people like the Grand Canyon so much.

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Photos of Zion National Park, Utah

Photos of Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Photos of Grand Canyon National Park, North Rim, Arizona

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