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San Diego, California, USA, April 2008.
A US Aircraft Carrier stationed at the naval base.

Hi, I am Ogni and I am twelve years old and study in eighth grade. I am very interested in supersonic military jets and exotic cars. In my free time, I like to go on long hiking and biking trips with my dad and Boy Scouts troop. I am also interested in building things such as small electronic kits and models. I have a younger eight year old brother who studies in third grade. My dad is a robotics engineer at Honda and my mom teaches in high school.

One of my favorite things to do is to take photographs. I have displayed many of my photographs on this website. I got my first camera when I was six years old in Hawaii. It was an on shot film camera. I got very angry and the end of the trip when all my film got exposed. Since then, my interest has continued to grow. I got a Nikon L4 later, but it broke, unfortunately in Italy. I then got a Nikon S560 which lasted many more years. I took it to many places. Unfortunately, someone broke it in Chicago. I was very disappointed. However, in November 2011, I got my Casio Exilm EX-ZR100 high speed camera! It is just amazing.

Since then, I have found many fun uses for it. The 12.1 megapixels let me create poster quality picture, but I found it unnecessary. It also has 12.5 optical zoom and a big 3 by 7.6 cm screen. However, its main feature is its amazing slow motion video ability. The camera has four modes for video: the HD 30 fps, the 240 fps, the 480 fps, and the incredible 1000 fps. Unfortunately, as the frame rate increases, the picture quality decreases. Nevertheless, the pictures are amazing. For high speed pictures, it has six modes: 3 fps, 5 fps, 10 fps, 30 fps, and 40 fps. However, there is a limited maximum of 30 pictures in one second so the memory doesn’t get filled. Therefore, at the 40 fps mode, you’ll take 30 pictures at the rate of 40 fps. There’s also a useful pre-record feature which pre-records by whatever number of seconds you want (a maximum of 5) so you won’t miss an important high speed picture if you press the shutter too late. I haven’t noticed any downsides of the camera yet…but if I do, I’ll add it to this page. You can check out my results from my slow motion pictures in my Slow Motion Video page.

An SR71 on display at the Udvar Hazy Center near Washington DC.

By the way, I am addicted to Tintin comic books. You can read an introduction to them here. The adventures and mysteries are very in-depth and interesting and the story gives a lot of insight to many different countries, cultures, geography, science, archaeology, history, and lots of other things. I strongly encourage you to read these comics. There is more information at Tintin.com and Wikipedia Tintin. Of course, as a fan, I have the full set of Tintin DVDs.

Drawings, drawings!

You can also see some of my paintings here . As a favor, I am also displaying my brother paintings here . He’s a pretty good painter. I would also like to thank my extremely helpful drawing teacher.

My animation videos

Here are some Lego animation videos I made with my friends as after school projects.

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